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Helping high ticket coaches close clients on autopilot using Facebook + Instagram Ads.

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You’re brilliant at what you do but you’re busy.


You’re a thought leader with lives to change and you need to do it in the most streamlined way possible. 

It’s time to have your message heard. 

And you’re ready to take your business to THE NEXT LEVEL? 







You and your business are 100% unique — that’s why we innovate original and highly  customized strategies specifically designed for your story, brand, audience, and dreams.


Imagine You..

  • Have clients and sales flock to you at all times without constant launching or being in the DM’s all day
  • Work half or even a quarter of the time you do right now, because DUH you’re marketing is automated now
  • Have bigger $$ months than ever before, feeling like the true RICH CEO you are
  • Amplify  your current success on organic social media, so you can take time off without going into scarcity energy or having a dip in sales
  • Enjoy all the abundance coming into your life and business now that you've amplified your intuitive message with FB Ads 
  • Have a fully automated marketing strategy that fits within your intuition, that NEVER feels icky
  • Say goodbye to all frequencies of scarcity and lack as you create from pure abundance, creativeness, and love, with a team who has your back

If you’re looking for a team who can take everything you’ve built and MAXIMIZE it with the power of digital advertising.

As a partner and client of ours you get…


  • Constant strategic support so you’re not the one driving your marketing but the experts are.
  • Access to strategies & data that will help you scale
  • Monthly marketing projections so everyone is on the same page with your goals 
  • Quick & efficient communication so it feels like we are a part of your own team
  • Weekly reports you can actually understand so you always know what’s happening in your account so you’re clear about the strategy without having to do the work.


Genevieve Rackham

ALEX IS LIFE! I hired her and she helped me scale to $250K (CASH!!!!!) per year. I can promise you, if you're draw. There's a reason!!!

Taylor Lee

I loved working with Alex! She helped me create a funnel for my course that ended up making over $100K in 9 months!


This isn’t your typical ad agency!

All the other ad agencies out there focus on cookie cutter strategies that NEVER work. 

Let us help you double, triple, and even 10X your current revenue by using Facebook ads and following your success path, while cutting your workload in half.

Enjoy abundant self care time while the $$ pours in!

Transform from feeling like an overworked business owner never being able to see the true abundance to feeling like a rich CEO who enjoys complete freedom. 

You + Us =

Kate Taylor 

Business Coach/ Stylist

Made $49,000+ in sales, grew her Facebook Group from 0 to over 1500 members, and still uses the ads today to grow her community and make sales for her ongoing signature courses.


Get To Know The Woman Behind The Ads


I'm Alexandra! The owner and founder of The Facebook Ad Freedom Agency. As a mom of 2 children and business owner, I've had my fair share of moments where I lost my priorities of why I started my business.

I started my business when my husband was still in the Air Force about to get medically retired due to his blood clotting disorders and lupus. I wanted to make a business where I can create both financial freedom AND time freedom. As time went on, it felt like I had to choose between the two. It was a constant fight between if I should half ass my business or half ass being a mom and wife.

I even had mentors of mine that would basically shame me when I wasn't going live all the time or launching.

Life eventually hit me in the side of the head and showed me the way of creating both financial and time freedom AT THE SAME TIME. I no longer force myself to do things in my business that don't help me stick to WHAT I WANT. Which is why I strive to help my clients do the same through Facebook Advertising. It's time to automate and scale so you can build:




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