Facebook Ads On A Small Budget

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2020

Want to run ads to grow your audience or even to make a sale?

In this video I breakdown how to run ads STRATEGICALLY even on a small budget.

If you have a small budget, you don't have the luxury to spend a ton of money on your ads. So I comprised some money saving tips you should be using to make sure to spend less on your ads -- but make more!

1. Have an AMAZING freebie

Your freebie is the first impression to your potential clients. Although you see nothing but numbers in your stats, remember that each person coming in through ads is a HUMAN. Create a freebie that is so irresistible to your ideal client, that they HAVE to have it.

2. Your Ad Copy and Graphics

If you don't have the budget to be testing different creatives, then don't do it. Instead use a picture of you, and create copy that will attract your ideal client to you using my method of: pain points, happy points, call to action.

3. Don't Waste Money!

Stop boosting posts, and no more using placements that matter.

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Facebook Ads Library | Spy On Your Competitor's Ads

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2020


Have you been wanting to figure out why your competitor is running ads successfully and your ads are hearing crickets?

Facebook has a new tool called the Facebook Ad Library.

The Facebook Ad Library allows you to spy on your competitor's ads, big brand's ads, and maybe let you spy on your ex. *okay maybe not your ex

Watch the video above, because I breakdown where to go and how to use the library tool for yourself.

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Facebook Ad Strategies For Beginners

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020


Have you been wondering how you can run profitable ads for your online business?

Passive income, lead generation, growing your community, filling up challenges and webinars… let’s talk about paid advertising and how you can use it to amplify your results to get more sales and more clients.

In this video I am going to breakdown my easy to follow strategies that will help you start running ads and help you on the journey to success of using Facebook Ads and Instagram ads.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Alexandra Ramirez. A Facebook Ads coach and sales funnel expert helping online entrepreneurs automate their business. Make sure to click that subscribe button for more videos, and of course don’t forget to click that bell to get notifications for when my videos come out.

Let’s dive right in with the first strategy: Video Ad Funnel.

This is where you push videos out to your audience that will warm up a cold audience before you put out your...

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