Facebook Ad Strategies For Beginners

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2020


Have you been wondering how you can run profitable ads for your online business?

Passive income, lead generation, growing your community, filling up challenges and webinars… let’s talk about paid advertising and how you can use it to amplify your results to get more sales and more clients.

In this video I am going to breakdown my easy to follow strategies that will help you start running ads and help you on the journey to success of using Facebook Ads and Instagram ads.

If you don’t know who I am, I’m Alexandra Ramirez. A Facebook Ads coach and sales funnel expert helping online entrepreneurs automate their business. Make sure to click that subscribe button for more videos, and of course don’t forget to click that bell to get notifications for when my videos come out.

Let’s dive right in with the first strategy: Video Ad Funnel.

This is where you push videos out to your audience that will warm up a cold audience before you put out your offer.

Think about it as a consumer, have you ever scrolled through your news feed and all of a sudden see an opt in or even a sales type of ad towards a brand that you had NO IDEA about?

Would you buy from that person? Would you opt in right away?

Maybe. It’s a BIG maybe.

So if you want to warm up your audience, you can use videos to help them with that then retarget those people who watch those videos towards a sales call, an opt in, or get them geared up for your next launch!

Instagram Ads!

This is by FAR the most unused placement (or just not used correctly). If you want to get low cost, high quality leads through ads,  I recommend using Instagram Story placement. One option is to have your regular Facebook Ad running with multiple placements. This option allows you to customize the graphic that you use for the ad towards the Instagram Story placement. Another option is to have a completely separate Instagram story ad video. To create an Instagram story ad video, I recommend getting on your phone, go to Instagram stories, record a 15 second video explaining your call to action. Be sure to put text on the video for the people who have their stories muted.

Ready to book more calls? Let’s chat about: Book A Call Ads

If you want to book more sales calls… ads are a great way to do that, but you have to do it strategically! You can’t just talk about “book a call” and run away to hope that a client books a call. Your call has to be a pitch. For example if you’re a health coach then maybe your ad could talk about if they book the call with you they will get a meal plan laid out for them during the call. I know some of you are saying “but that’s giving too much away, why would they hire me after I gave them that?” because your support is what gets people sold. They most likely won’t stay consistent with that meal plan unless they hired you.

Passive income in your near future?

If you love passive income as much as I do, using ads can help you get more people. There are so many ways to make passive income through ads. For example, a no brainer $9 offer towards a cold audience that you can upsell other offers to. Or you can even get people through a small opt in like a pdf download then have a tripwire offer for $9, then an upsell. Another way is if you have a membership that you want to get people into, you can do that with the same strategies or you can offer a 7 day free trial to your membership.

It’s time to use ads strategically, if you want to get my Facebook Ads QuickStart Guide which is packed with a video training, a step by step guide on starting your first profitable ad, plus swipe files and templates for copy and graphics!


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